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Why do I need a 'Brand identity'?

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Its no secret how individuality is dying in todays world. Its becoming increasingly difficult to recognize real from reel and it does not have everything to do with just AI revolution. It also has to do with the fact that we long for social validation way more than we long for connection, we prefer to 'go with the trend' instead of 'starting a trend'.

And honestly its not something that we fight at an individual level only, we are fighting this on a global scale because the world is changing and its changing for all of us. It in fact has become a struggle to maintain originality for everyone and those who really seek it sometimes have to resolve to tasks like 'Taking out Me time' or 'Social detox time'.

But what does individuality have to do with Brand identity of a Business? Well, I truly believe that a business's brand identity is not very far from the owners identity. They often are intertwined & interlinked. Your brand is ought to be an extension of your personality & core beliefs. Because even though you can ask a robot to make a website for you or write a blog for you, when you actually go on the field for you business, its you who interacts with the world, its you who represents what your business stands for. So how can your business identity be very different from your own personality? It should not.

As an owner of a Brand Agency, I have seen up close how crucial and life changing the process of building a brand can be for the owner as well as for their customers. What we believe & follow at Cajoled is 'Brand building is not just an external process but rather its an internal one'. The first step we follow is to try to understand the founder and their core beliefs and the reasons they started this beautiful journey in the first place, and trust me, it can sometimes be so rejuvenating for the entrepreneurs to re-visit the 'why' & 'what' of their journey.

Through the entire process of building a brand we ensure that it is owner centric. Anybody can make a logo or a website today, but we go the extra mile to make sure that the brand identity we create for our clients is stemmed in their own beliefs because ultimately a brand identity is an extension of a personal brand.

So even if you are a small business owner and you think I can not possibly need to invest in branding, think twice. Just how your character makes you stand apart in a crowd, your brand identity will give your business a personal touch that it so badly needs.

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