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Brand name + Tagline

Your brand name & tagline are the most crucial pillars of your marketing journey and every branding initiative would revolve around these two elements. 

The name + tagline shall reflect your Industry, product or purpose very clearly. Your products & services would have these two elements by default.

Brand Identity

Brand mark

Logo is a mark which can be made up of icons, designs, numbers, letters or a combination of above. A logo that reflects the core of brand is essential, at the same time let it be eye-catchy & flexible to go with your entire product range!

Brand Typography

The fonts used in name + tagline,  website, social media handles shall all be designed to match the overall identity of the brand. Typography is an underdog & can have massive impact on the way your brand is perceived by customers.







St. Cloud



Every color tells a story

Click on Colors

Brand color palette

Every color invokes a different feeling. Every color has a significance and it has the power to convery a message more powerfully than words. Brand palette has to be chosen keeping in mind the message & not randomly.

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