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Building a Brand : It's all Storytelling?

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

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Non-Marketeers feel so overwhelmed when looking out for a Marketing agency that can magically convert their Business into a Brand. Logos, color scheme, font scheme, content strategy, social media profiles, social media strategy, video editing, illustrations on and on and on. Let me break it down for you. If you ask me to describe the entire process of building a brand from scratch which would include of the above mentioned, I would say the word is 'Storytelling'.

Yes I won't deny there are a plethora of concepts that each team looks into and customises to perfection considering your business needs. But essentially what they are doing in all those activities is creating, expressing, executing a Story, a story that gives your business a personality of its own.

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Starting from a logo or color scheme what they are working on is finding that color or design which can speak to your customers that this business stands for this emotion or it belongs to this Industry. Your tagline is the shortest story we want to convey. It describes your purpose and what you have to offer. Your website is your pitch to your customers. If they understand and are impressed with what you have to offer, your lead is converted into a paying customer.

All social media strategies are centered in story pieces that reflect your business. Some businesses stand for spreading educating content about their 'Industry' over mundane product related content, and that's the story they are telling when their social posts are all educational. Some might just want to use the platforms to educate the customers about their 'Products'.

The beauty of what we do is, we might be creating a thousand stories for you in hundred different forms, but we ensure the soul of the stories are same. We ensure that like a magnet they all attract the same meaning ultimately. The creative process is exhilarating.

The poet Muriel Rukeyser once wrote, “The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” And so does your brand, let the stories be real, wild & inspiring.

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