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Why did I start my Brand agency?

Cajoled started with an Obsession. An obsession with brands. Mesmerised by the impact of brands on our minds, our choices in fact our everyday life. They appear to touch the surface level but trust, me they go way deeper and are about to find out how.

In a study conducted by Wharton University; "The Leaders Brain" showed that 'We relate to brands in the same way we relate to people. Like 'I love this brand' or 'I hate this brand'. They can relate to a brand with emotions like empathy, excitement, inspiration etc.

In the study two groups of people (Apple users & Samsung users) were given good & bad news about their favorite brand and their brain activity were scanned through MRI.

The results were absolutely unexpected! Apple users showed empathy for their own brand: The reward-related areas of the brain were activated by good newsabout Apple, and the pain and negative feeling parts of the brain were activated by bad news. They were neutral about anykind of Samsung news.

"This is exactly what we see when people empathize with other people - particularly their family and friends, but don’t feel the joy and pain of people they don’t know.” Meanwhile, Samsung users didn’t show any significant pain or pleasure-related brain activity when they saw good or bad news about the company. “Interestingly, though, the pain areas were activated by good news about Apple, and the reward areas were activated by bad news about the rival company - some serious schadenfreude, or “reverse empathy,” Platt wrote.

In another interesting study, a Marketing professor at University of Pennsylvania said "When we make choices about different brands, we are actually choosing to create an identity". Want to know more about 'The Neuroscience of Branding'.

Apple. The greatest brand in the world is where it all started for me, of course. Back in 2015 As a teenager everything about this tech giant was a marvel for me & I am not talking about their cutting edge technology. It was everything but that. Their minimalistic - impactful designs, eye-catchy & smooth user interface, product packaging, their website ( remember I was a teenager). Adding every newly launched apple product to the cart was not how I could show my admiration, perks of being a middle-class, college going. I had to earn each product one by one with sheer academic hard work. And man it was worth the hustle. I was able to get my hands on each type of apple product form iPhone to Mac to iPads etc. The more I saw the more I wanted.

Inspired by Apple, I started noticing Marketing marvels all throughout my life, being a law student did not make it easy but the clear inclination towards this topic was so evident. I realized how a brand is so much more than what people perceive it to be.

Maybe there was a time when a business could be scaled without having a brand image but can you really say the same in 21st Century? Today not just businesses, even people have personal brand image to make them stand apart in this racing world.

Over the course of my professional journey I have realized there are so many great business ideas & businesses out there that never made it to the spotlight due to their lack of presentation or communication skills. There is a misconception that only big Corporates or MNCs require branding or social media presence. I believe even a small business that might operate in its local limits, deserve & needs to express its business values & operations in a way where the brand is an extension of its personality.

Branding is as much as an external process as it is internal. A great brand always reflects the core beliefs & values of the owner only then can it really stand the test of time & patience. This is why I start the process of building a brand with asking questions like "why did I start this Company?", "what are my core business values I will always strive to stick?","How do I want people to perceive my business?" and so on. Until there is clarity on such aspects, the brand will be nothing but a hallow building on the foundation of artificial bricks.

This Company is my effort in Cajoling you to convert your business into a 'Brand' and witness the magic that unfolds. A brand is so much more than increased revenue. Its an experience, let me show you how.

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